When thinking about bringing a new dog into the family through adoption, people frequently consider purebred dogs first. While pure breeds have their own desirable qualities, there are also many attractive reasons to consider adopting a mutt that should not be overlooked! East Valley Animal Clinic provides excellent pet care for all animals in the Gilbert area, and we are passionate about educating when it comes to pet adoption decisions.


The choice between a mutt and a purebred dog can seem like a no-brainer to a lot of people. Purebred dogs have an attractive look to them, they can be show dogs, and they have distinct traits. However, there are many aspects to adopting a mutt that are worth considering:

*Affordable: Mixed-breed dogs, or mutts, are much more affordable than purebred dogs, which are very costly due to their pedigree.
*Life Saving: When adopting a mutt from an animal shelter, you are literally saving a life!
*Longer Life Span: Due to genetic characteristics which lower risk for catching illnesses and disease, mutts tend to live longer. They also typically have less risk for genetic defects.
*One of a Kind: Each mutt has its own distinct mix of qualities. You probably won’t find another dog that is exactly the same! The combination of different breeds makes them unique and special.
*Personable: Mutts frequently have great personalities due to their genetic make-up. They have a blend of different characteristics that makes them easier to train as well.
*Stand Against Puppy Mills: When you choose to adopt a mutt or a mixed-breed, you are taking a stand against the puppy mills that are creating purebred dogs at a high rate while mistreating the animals.

There are many benefits to adopting a mutt instead of a purebred dog that you should you consider when thinking about adoption. Do the research so you can have all the facts in making your decision.

A mutt is not a lesser animal than a purebred dog. Mutts are just as capable of showing unconditional love, affection and loyalty. Whether you want a companion for hunting, running, competing in dog shows, or just joyful animal friendship, a mutt can do it all. It is important to consider what your goal is in adopting an animal and consider all of your options.

It only takes one person to give a mutt a chance. They are the majority of dogs in animal shelters and if they are not adopted, they are eventually euthanized. Think about saving a life today if you want to adopt a dog. You may change the life of a mutt, but it also may change yours. Contact East Valley Animal Clinic today for all your pet care needs!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (9/29/2017) Angelbattle bros (Flickr)