Our Team

Dr. Alan Mafara, BVSc

Dr. Alan Mafara

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Alan Mafara came from Zimbabwe in 2003 after having graduated in 1993 from the University of Zimbabwe. He came to AZ to be with his wife, Sharon, who he met in an exchange program between the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Zimbabwe’s veterinary school.

Since moving to Arizona, Dr. Mafara has become passionate about preventative care, orthopedic surgery and veterinary dentistry in primarily dogs and cats. He spends time with his mentors at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists in order to improve his dentistry skills.

Dr. Mafara and Sharon share their home with their son, daughter, and a boxer mix called Girlfriend. Their after hours activities are usually centered on the kids who like chasing hot air balloons and attending swimming lessons. Dr. Mafara also enjoys the local sports teams and catching a Cardinals, Diamondbacks or Suns game whenever he can. He hasn’t quite yet become a Coyotes fan since he says he still has to learn how hockey works! For relaxation, however, he finds a round of golf is a welcome bonus.

Dr. Tracy Connolly, DVM

Dr. Tracy Connolly

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Connolly grew up in Payson, AZ. She attended the University of Arizona and received her bachelor’s degree in animal science with a minor in chemistry in 2005. She then completed her Veterinary degree at Oregon State University in 2009. Dr. Connolly joined the staff at East Valley Animal Hospital in 2013.

One of Dr. Connolly’s true passions is performing ultrasounds on patients. She admits that this part of her job is her “happy place.” She has also completed many hours of continuing education with a special interest in dentistry and preventative care.

Dr. Connolly lives in Queen Creek and is engaged to be married. She has four kids, a horse, a pony, and a dog. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, riding horses and country dancing.

Gina Gomez-Vidal, Hospital Manager, CVT

Dr. Connor Barich

Associate Veterinarian

His family moved to Arizona in 2001, and the Gilbert area has been his home base ever since. He traveled back and forth to Florida for his undergrad and pursued his veterinary degree with his master’s in public health at St. George’s University on the beautiful island of Grenada. He recently completed his clinical year of veterinary school at Washington State University and is happy to be back in the Gilbert area permanently.

He’s excited to be a part of this team and has special interests in preventative medicine, dentistry, and infectious diseases. He looks forward to building lasting relationships with his clients and the pets they bring to see us!

Outside of the clinic, his wife, a labor and delivery nurse, and him love hiking, biking, and spending as much time as they can outdoors. While they don’t currently have any pets or children, they are excited about the near future additions of a Golden Doodle and a Great Dane.

Gina Gomez-Vidal, Hospital Manager, CVT

Gina Gomez-Vidal

Hospital Manager, CVT

Gina has had a love for animals for as long as she can remember. She knew that a career with animals was her life’s calling since she was 4 years old. She actually started working in the veterinary field when she was 12 years old by volunteering at a local clinic in her neighborhood every summer. This lead to going every day after school once she was in high school, which finally lead to a job when she was 16 years old.

She joined the East Valley Animal team in November of 2009 and became a CVT in 2010. She was a part-time technician until March of 2014 when she decided to become the Hospital Manager and be a committed full-time leader. Gina is currently working on obtaining her CVPM.

When you talk to Gina, you can easily tell how much she loves working at East Valley Animal Hospital. “It’s great being a part of a group of people that is so close,” she says. “We’re like a family.” Gina also acknowledges how much she and every member on the staff truly cares for each patient. “This clinic treats the patients as if they are their own,” she explains, “and we’ve built some amazing relationships with our clients because of it.”

A native of Tucson, Gina currently lives in Mesa and enjoys spending time with her wife, two boys, their Bengal kitty, three Red Eared Sliders, and four dogs. Photography, reading, hiking, and running are some of her favorite things to do on her downtime. She was a surrogate in 2016.

Angela Dragos

Angela Dragos

Client Service Representative

Originally from Washington State, Angela began working at EVAH in July of 2013. Providing great customer service by making clients and pets feel safe and welcomed is her #1 goal, an easy accomplishment with all that EVAH offers. Angela is also dedicated to building great relationships with clients and their pets to ensure they have all they need while they are here with us. With over 20 years as a bookkeeper before jumping into the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant, Angela eventually found her life’s mission as a customer service representative and has been doing it ever since. Her passion for animals motivated her to start up a career in the veterinary field where she loves all of the interaction with the people and the patients, making it easy for her to say, “I actually enjoy coming to work each and every day.”

In her free time, Angela can be found traveling to the water – whether it’s an ocean, river or lake – and likes to stay busy whenever she can by going camping, riding horses or off roading.

Rachel Wilson

Rachel Carpenter

Lead Veterinary Technician

Rachel has been in the veterinary field for 15 years now, working with Dr. Mafara for a total of more than 13 of those years and Dr Connolly for six years. She shares her home with the most important man in her life, Steve the Cat, her 15 year old Manx. She does have one other man in her life, Blu, her 23 year old quarter horse, who lives at her mom’s house with her horse Splash. Steve and Rachel are mostly homebodies. You’ll usually find them there watching TV, movies, reading or playing video games. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, but Steve usually stays home. She couldn’t imagine having any other job or working with any other group of people. They all share a passion for keeping pets happy and healthy as if they were their own.

Donna Guevara

Josie Robarge

Veterinary Technician

Josie came here from Michigan when she was only a year old. She lived here until she was 12 years old, then moved to Illinois for 2 years, then moved to Las Vegas for another year before she moved back to Arizona. She grew up always traveling for her dad’s work, she has been to 34 states and 4 other countries. She loves traveling and seeing the world which got her into photography. She also did karate for many years and has 2 black belts.

She has always had a love for animals and knew she wanted to work with them. She volunteered all through high school at Friends for Life Animal Rescue and attended EVIT. After graduation she attended Pima Medical Institute in the Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician programs. She graduated with her Associates of Applied Animal science in 2018. She has 2 dogs and a loving husband at home. Zoey is a 5 year old and Zeus is 11 month old pittie. In her free time she loves to take long walks with her fur babies and hubby, playing at the park with them, taking photographs, exploring new places, or just chilling and watching movies together. 

Donna Guevara

Donna Jones

Veterinary Technician

Donna traveled from California to Arizona in search of a new adventure shortly after graduating high school. Once in Arizona, being a short road trip away from snow and so close to mountains was reason enough to stay. Donna has always had a love for animals, but there was a time where she considered working as a ‘human nurse.’ One day, it just hit her that helping animals was IT for her! She started school to become a veterinary technician and graduated from Kaplan University in 2011 and the rest is history! She does plan on continuing her education and hopes to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Her dream is to one day work at a wildlife park and get to interact with all the amazing tigers, lions, and bears!

When not at work, Donna loves to hang out with her coworkers–who are like family to her, take care of her animals, play video games, read comics and watch all the Marvel/DC movies, watch anime and be the designated taste tester for her husband, Steven, whenever he tries new recipes at home. He repays the favor when Donna tries new baking recipes. The first 2 pets they have are a blue pit that she adopted named Havoc and Talo her cat who moved with her from California. She found him as a stray kitten and he turned out to be the ideal road trip partner during her move. He sat in the front seat and napped, he only complained when the AC was not pointed directly at him! New additions, Harley and Igneel (Iggy for short) are their bearded dragons. Harley is a leatherback and Iggy is a Citrus. They are little hungry hippos that love exploring the house, sitting on top of your head and scaring Havoc and Talo.

Donna understands the unfortunate situation of when something unexpected happens to your fur-babies. Sometimes it is scary and frustrating and there are a lot of emotions. Having her own pets, Donna understands and has felt what some clients go through when something scary happens with their fur babies.

Rachelle Rollins

Rachelle Rollins

Client Service Representative/Veterinary Technician

Rachelle started at EVAH in December 2012 as a veterinary assistant and receptionist where her duties include cleaning, performing diagnostics and establishing relationships with clients. She enjoys playing the “motherly” role when taking care of sick patients and watching them get well warms her heart. “I’ve always had a deep connection with animals, especially dogs,” Rachelle says. “Seeing my miniature pinscher diagnosed with diabetes gave me the push to pursue a career in the veterinary field.”

Rachelle has one daughter, a dog named Yukon and a rat named Atticus. Her hobbies include makeup application, going to concerts, “Sunday Funday” with her family and going to the coffee shop with her best friend. Rachelle appreciates the great relationships she has with her co-workers and considers them to be family

Rachelle Rollins

Augie Aguirre 

Veterinary Technician

Originally born in San Jose, California Augie moved to Arizona when he was young. He always loved animals, there was always a pet in the household as long as he can remember. His love for the job stems from seeing the way a veterinarian and the rest of the staff cared for his sick pet when I was young. He wanted to do the same for other families and their little critters. He has not worked in many fields, but he is more than sure he will be happy in this one.

In his free time he will be doing one of three things, playing video games, binge reading some form of literature or trying to find a new movie to watch. He loves trying new foods and finding a new favorite restaurant. He will always jump at the chance of trying something new if there isn’t any major risk.

Rachelle Rollins

Audrey Barton

Veterinary Technician

Audrey began working for EVAH in May of 2011. As a nurse for pets, she does everything from running diagnostics to monitoring anesthesia. Throughout her career with EVAH, she is most proud of her personal and professional growth, going from assistant work to now taking on more responsibility. Audrey is especially proud of her skill at monitoring anesthesia and helping with surgeries, and she enjoys making the clients and patients as comfortable as possible and making every interaction a great experience for everyone.

After graduating from EVIT, Audrey worked in surgery specialty for over a year-and-a-half before transitioning to the EVAH team full time, where her passion for patient care shines. A native of Mesa, AZ, Audrey spends her free time loving on her own fur babies, as well as long boarding, playing video games, reading, hiking and listening to live music. 

Alicia Bonneau

Alicia Bonneau

Veterinary Technician

An Arizona native, Alicia, has been passionate about the veterinary industry ever since she was a little girl. She has always wanted to help animals in any way that she could and has had animals ranging from lizards, chickens, cats, dogs, horses and a few in between. There is a special place in her heart for German Shepherds because she has owned quite a few in her lifetime.

She attended Carrington College and graduated from the Veterinary Technician Assistant program in 2016. She joined the East Valley Animal team in October of 2017. She feels that working at EVAH has allowed her to vastly expand her knowledge in all aspects of veterinary care. Some of her favorite tasks are performing blood draws, IV catheter placements and distracting puppies when the doctor has to give shots. Using fear free and a less is more approach when dealing with patients has always been her number one priority. Patient care is her absolute favorite thing to do because it involves dedicating as many hours needed to the patient to make sure they are as comfortable as possible while getting the best care we have to offer. Don’t be surprised if you see her on her days off visiting the hospital patients to make sure that they are doing better. She will always add a little personal touch to all of the things that she does to make each and every experience individualized and personal for the clients and patients. She is currently enrolled in a Veterinary Technician program to further her knowledge in the field and she plans on specializing in physical therapy. 

Her hobbies are dedicating time to vehicles which might be more of an addiction because if she’s not with a patient then she is spending time with her vehicles in some way or another. She also enjoys road trips and camping with her canine companion, Gypsy, who is a Golden Retriever that resides with her in East Mesa. She is glad California is so close that she can always take a short trip to hear the ocean and have the sand at her feet.