Our Gilbert animal hospital is the perfect place to bring your newly adopted pet, to start him off on a healthy path of wellness. But before you adopt your new best friend, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you, your family and the pet are ready.

  • Whether you currently have pets or are starting this amazing journey of friendship for the first time, do your research. Look online, ask your Gilbert animal hospital professionals, ask your friends and family. Find the perfect breed for you based on you and your family’s lifestyle. Are you active, gone all day, quiet or outdoorsy? Do you have children or other pets? Do you have a yard? Do you plan on walking or running with your pet each day? How you answer these questions and more, will help you determine the right breed and the best fit.
  • The second step is to research your adoption options. There are no-kill shelters, the Humane Society and numerous independent shelters, in most cities.
  • Next, get referrals for a good Gilbert animal hospital and veterinarian staff. Our staff at East Valley Animal Hospital is well-trained in all aspects of pet care and we would love to welcome your new pet to our family.
  • It’s also important to have all the pet necessities prior to your new pet’s arrival. This can include everything from doggy pads to a crate/pet carrier to water and food bowls and the right food. Depending upon the pet, you’ll also need a collar and leash. If you’re getting your first pet and aren’t sure what you’ll need, we can help.

If you are adopting a pet or have already chosen your new furry best friend, give us a call. We’re an experienced and caring Gilbert animal hospital that will answer all of your questions and help make sure your friend has a healthy start in his new home.