When it comes to the hot weather of Arizona Summers, you not only want to be safe with your pets, but you also want to have some fun. So how do you do both? East Valley Animal Hospital is located in Gilbert, Arizona, so we know what it is like to be in the heat with your pet and wanting to care for them while having fun.

Summer Fun with Pets

Arizona has high heat, dry heat, and can seem like an epidemic that brings a halt to fun. That is not true. We know there are still ways to get out, have fun, and be safe. There are so many pet friendly options to choose from. Some ideas to help you embrace fun while there is immense heat include:

  1. Geocaching was popular for a while, but the fad may have slowed down. Even with it slowing, it it still a great way to find buried treasure, be safe, and have fun with your pet.
  2. Buy a kiddie pool, and have a pooch pool day while the humans BBQ.
  3. Hit up the beautiful lakes Arizona has to offer such as Canyon Lake, Lake Pleasant, or Apache Lake. If you get a boat, use a doggy life jacket for your pup.
  4. Take your pet camping in the cooler weather of Flagstaff, Pine Top or Williams. Bonus if you let your pet sleep in your tent!
  5. Check out one of the many trails that Arizona has to offer, just be sure not to go in the heat of the day, and bring plenty of water. Also, make sure to get some dog shoes for your fur baby.
  6. Hit up Sedona Red Rock Tours that are all dog friendly, in cooler weather and beautiful sights!
  7. Take your pup out to eat at Joe’s Farm Grill where they offer a dog friendly environment so you can dine together.
  8. If you have a mild mannered pet, look into hospitals or nursing homes to become a therapy animal to help people.
  9. Take a scenic driving tour of your city, while letting your pet look out the window.
  10. Check out local canine shows or contests that could be a fun thing to enter in. You and your pet could learn new tricks and have fun in the process.

There are so many options out there for the summer. You do not have to stay inside or just at home. You and your beloved pet can embrace the summer, even in the heat.

While there are many precautions to take to keep your pet safe in the heat, there are still several ways to have fun. There is no need to live the summer in fear or inside, but with caution and wisdom you can make new, fun memories with your pet. Embrace life while it is here, instead of hiding from the heat. East Valley Animal Hospital is excited to hear about your Summer adventures!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/18/2017) Lhahi-ma (Flickr)