Did you know that there’s a way to relieve your dog’s chronic pain without medication? If your dog is allergic to prescription medications, has liver disease, or has a hard time taking pills, there’s no need to worry—an effective alternative is available. Cold laser therapy for dogs is one of the holistic treatment options we offer at East Valley Animal Hospital. Many of our clients choose this option because it gives them an alternative to using pharmaceuticals that makes their dogs more comfortable. 

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Treat Pain?

If your dog suffers from liver disease, or if age has diminished the functions of their other organs, they may not be able to use most pharmaceuticals. Or, if your dog can’t take pain medications due to an allergic reaction, laser therapy offers an alternative method of pain management.  

During treatment, your vet will pass a laser wand gently back and forth over the affected joints or tissues. The laser emits light at a specific wavelength that penetrates their skin and stimulates their bones and muscles at the cellular level. It helps your pet’s body naturally release the endorphins that relieve pain, and stimulates healing in damaged cells. 

What Types of Conditions Can Cold Laser Therapy Treat?

Cold laser therapy can treat pain from cancer and many other chronic conditions. Because cold laser therapy decreases inflammation, it’s perfect for treating inflammatory diseases like arthritis. It can also relieve the extreme pain of skeletal diseases like hip dysplasia, and help improve mobility.

Cold laser therapy offers one of the best medication alternatives for dogs. It also works well for treating pain in cats, who have even fewer options than dogs do when it comes to medications. It can treat everything from acute ear infections, to arthritis, gingivitis, and neuromuscular diseases. 

Is Cold Laser Therapy Safe for Dogs?

Yes—cold laser therapy is a completely safe, non-invasive treatment that is approved by the FDA. In fact, most pets find laser treatment to be pleasant and relaxing. It produces results fairly quickly, and has no dangerous side effects. Because the lasers use “cold” light, there’s zero chance of burns or tissue damage.

At East Valley Animal Hospital, we offer only the safest, most effective treatments that veterinary technology can provide. After extensive research, we selected the Companion Therapy Laser for relieving chronic pain and for helping our patients recover after surgeries. We offer cold laser therapy because we know it works, and we’ve seen what a big difference it can make for dogs that suffer from chronic pain.

Holistic Treatments for Dogs in Gilbert, Arizona

If you are seeking medication alternatives for dogs or cats, make an appointment at East Valley Animal Hospital. Besides cold laser therapy, we also offer a wide variety of holistic and conventional veterinary treatments. We will gladly answer all of your questions about cold laser therapy and how it can relieve your pet’s chronic pain. Make an appointment online, or call us at 480-892-1577 today.

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash used with permission under the Creative Commons license for commercial use 06/10/2022.