Did you know that there’s a way to relieve your dog’s chronic pain without medication? And that the same safe, gentle treatment can help your dog recover more quickly after a surgery or an injury? East Valley Animal Hospital in Gilbert, AZ, is equipped with all the latest veterinary technology, including cold laser therapy for dogs. If your dog suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other painful conditions, read on to learn more about how laser therapy can help.

How does laser therapy work for dogs?

Laser therapy helps to accelerate the natural healing process and temporarily relieves pain. Cold laser therapy is an FDA-approved medical treatment that uses low-level lasers to stimulate the natural healing capabilities of the body. The laser casts a deep, penetrating light that stimulates the injured cells to heal faster than normal. Laser therapy also helps the body release endorphins to naturally relieve pain.

Cold laser therapy for dogs can: 

Is laser therapy safe for dogs?

Yes, cold laser therapy is a completely safe, non-invasive treatment. Many of our clients choose this option because it gives them an alternative to using pharmaceuticals for dogs with chronic pain. They also enjoy the fact that cold laser therapy produces results fairly quickly and has no dangerous side effects.

Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs in Gilbert, Arizona

At East Valley Animal Hospital, we offer only the safest, most effective treatments to our clients. After extensive research on the different types of laser therapy available, we selected the Companion Therapy Laser. If you have questions about using cold laser therapy for your dog, we would be happy to meet with you. To request an appointment, call us at 480-568-2462 or contact us online


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