It’s all too easy to spot a cute kitten at an animal adoption event and bring it home before even asking “Are there any good vets near me?” Surprises might sound fun, but the rambunctious and curious nature of a kitten means it’s best to prepare at least a little before adding a furry family member. These tips make it easier to keep your kitten safe and happy.

Wait Until the Right Age

Hopefully, your new kitten is the right age for adoption. It is typically best to let kittens stay with their siblings or mother until it’s at least 8 weeks of age. While kittens can be weaned earlier in emergency situations, it’s better for their overall development to stay in a familiar environment until they’re a little older.

Buy the Right Supplies

Aside from a quality kitten food recommended by your veterinarian, you’ll need dishes for kibble and water, and preferably a few litter boxes. Putting numerous smaller boxes around the house encourages faster litter box training and prevents accidents. It’s up to you what litter you use, but if you plan to use newspaper or pine pellets for their ability to control odors, make sure the kitten is introduced to them slowly if they’re used to clay litter.

Set Up A Safe Station

Kittens develop hiding skills to respond to danger shortly after learning to walk. Unless you want to raise a cat that hides at every odd noise, give the new kitten a private place for relaxing for the first few days in the house. By giving them space and quiet in a spare room or bathroom and only visiting for an hour or two at a time, you’re sending the message that they’re in a safe place.

Finally, don’t forget about answering the question, “Are there any good vets near me?” as soon as possible. Keeping your kitten healthy with veterinary care is important for its overall health and well being. We here at East Valley Animal Hospital are happy to help you deal with any concerns you may have about your new kitten. We are in this business because we love animals, and we want to help you take the best care of your new kitten because we know you love them, too.