Looking for a veterinarian near me for an annual checkup for your cat can bring much anxiety. Not only for you, but for your feline friend. You may think you want to avoid the stress of the visit by not taking your cat in each year for a checkup. While it may be stressful for your pet, annual checkups and exams when there are symptoms of bigger issues are critical to your pet living a full and healthy life.

If your cat’s hair stands on end and the hissing starts the minute you pull up to the office, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the stress.

  • Cats like their comfort and space. When transporting your pet to the vet keep his carrier in a secure location in the car. You don’t want the carrier sliding or jostling around. It may also help reduce visual stress if you place a pillow case or towel over the carrier.
  • It’s never too late to train a pet. Even if your cat is an adult, you can do simple things like positive reinforcement. Try putting your pet in its carrier and taking it to the car but not going anywhere. You don’t want your furry friend to associate the car with nothing but the veterinarian.
  • Make the experience less frightening. Try bringing some of the items veterinarians use in the office into your home. Whether it’s a thermometer or a nail clipper or even a stethoscope to play with.
  • Sedatives or maybe even a pheromone product could be recommended. Working with your veterinarian, you can determine what is the right choice for your pet’s specific needs. It may help take the edge off when a vet visit is necessary.

When it comes to your cat and making sure he gets the medical care he needs, there is no better veterinarian near me than East Valley Animal Hospital. We will work with you to make sure your cat’s visit is as efficient and stress-free as possible. Contact us today and let us help determine the best plan for you and your cat.