Puppies are wonderful to have around and can make a great addition to the family. As a vet hospital, East Valley Animal Hospital cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your pups from illness and disease. Vaccinations are essential to keeping them healthy and a part of your family for a long time. Here are four of the most common illnesses that require vaccinations at a vet hospital:

This is one of the most highly contagious canine illnesses in the dog world and it typically hits young puppies from around 12 weeks to a year but there is not an age limit on how old they can be when the contract it if they are unvaccinated. Canine parvovirus is transmitted through direct or indirect contact with feces from an infected dog and is the most contagious disease of dogs. Vaccinations for parvo usually begin at eight weeks of age, then there are subsequent boosters given 3-4 weeks apart.


The vaccination that has been developed against the canine distemper virus is a very effective one which keeps instances to a minimum. The first vaccination is given to puppies around eight weeks and then there is a series that must be given to help prevent your pet from contracting Distemper. There is no cure for this so it is important to consult your veterinarian or vet hospital experts to get their recommendation on when to give the first vaccination.

Kennel Cough

Bordetella bronchiseptica is the most common bacterium that causes Kennel Cough. This is why it is largely known around the vet world as Bordetella in dogs. The infection is an example of a misnomer since any dog, even those not in a kennel, can get this. Puppies are vaccinated around 8 weeks and then again 3-4 weeks later. They then need to be vaccinated yearly in order to be protected.

Canine Hepatitis

This virus targets canines and is very commonly seen in young pups that have limited care such as when they are in a shelter. Canine Hepatitis is spread through contact with an infected dog’s respiratory secretions, feces, as well as infected urine, and can affect the liver as well as many other organs of the body. Most puppies get vaccinated against this disease after they are 8 weeks of age and receive a series of them. Check with your vet hospital staff since not all centers vaccinate against Canine Hepatitis as part of the routine vaccination offerings.

At East Valley Animal Hospital, we so enjoy meeting new puppy owners and, of course, their puppies. We look forward to many years of being your pet’s vet hospital. To help your puppy grow into a strong and lively dog, make sure you follow the schedule we provide for vaccinations. It is one of the best ways to keep you newest family member happy and healthy!