At East Valley Animal Hospital, your Mesa veterinary clinic, we understand the following experience quite well; you walk by a pet store at the mall and are stopped in your tracks by a cute puppy in the window; you want it immediately; but when you enter the store to check on the price of that adorable little fluff ball, you discover it comes with a relatively large and unexpected price tag! You’ll be surprised to know that compared to the cute little pooch in the mall store window, other pets can cost a fortune. Here are some of the world’s most unique pets . . . at a high price!


Tibetan Mastiff – $1.5 Million

If you really love dogs, then price is usually not an issue…except in this case. This lionesque breed comes in at the most expensive on our list. In 2011, one true-blooded Tibetan Mastiff (a rare find nowadays) was bought for $1.5 million!


White Lion Cubs – $140,000

Lions are majestic and fierce, but tame these big cats and they can be huggable and cuddly. And who doesn’t dream of owning their own little Simba lion cub? Never mind that they’ll grow big one day and need large roaming spaces, a large food supply, and more. Oh, and since many states don’t legally allow ownership of exotic pets, you may need to move if you really want to purchase a white lion cub to the tune of $140,000.00. A few things you’ll need to consider when deciding between that little doggie in the window and endearing Simba.


Stag Beetle – $89,000

A beetle costs how much? Yes, this beetle is worth more than most cars. But think about how you could impress your friends with such an interesting, creepy-crawly pet; especially one that may require a small mortgage to buy. How’s that for pet-appeal?


Ayam Cemani Chicken – $2,500

It’s beautiful, it’s distinguished, it’s . . . a chicken? What’s so special about a chicken? Make no mistake about it, if you have one of these expensive fowl roaming around your front lawn, you’ll be the talk of the town . . . especially since you’ll be somewhat poorer. They sell for around $2,500.00, but if you love chickens, this one is a beauty. It is 100% black, and those black feathers have a beautiful, almost iridescent sheen when they catch the rays of the sun. It could be regarded as the exotic choice in chickens.


Every member of our staff at East Valley Animal Hospital, your Mesa veterinary clinic, is a pet owner. We love our pets, and we pride ourselves on having respectful, caring interactions with our clients and their pets. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your animals are well taken care of, using the latest technology available. You and your pet are special to us, and we’re glad to be a part of your lives.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (3/21/2018) Tambako The Jaguar (Flickr)