When you’re hitting the open road, taking Fido along can make those trips and vacations a lot more fun. But if you’re traveling further than the local vet’s office or dog park, extra care should be taken to keep your furry companion safe, happy and healthy. However far the distance, East Valley Animal Hospital in Gilbert, AZ has some safety tips for traveling with your dog by car.  

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Dog Has Proper Identification or is Microchipped

You never know when Fido may go off exploring on his own and get separated from the family. For that reason, it’s essential that he wears his collar at all times, with his name, your phone number, and any relevant contact information included. In addition, microchips have become quite popular for keeping track of your dog. In case you’re separated from your pet, the chip can easily be scanned to identify you as the owner and make reuniting with your pet much faster and easier.

Tip #2: Pack a Pet-Friendly Travel Kit

You’ve packed suitcases for the whole family. Your pup needs to bring along some essentials as well. Bring his food, a travel bowl, leash, waste bags, and plenty of bottled water. In addition, pack a few of his favorite toys or things that will make him feel at home while you’re away. Another item you shouldn’t forget is a copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination record. Some states require having it in your possession whenever Fido is traveling with you. So just in case, take it along.

Tip #3: Never Leave Your Pet Alone in a Parked Car

On long road trips, this tip can difficult to follow. But even with the windows open, on a hot day temperatures inside a car can reach a level that is harmful to your pet. And cold weather can have the same harmful effects. So what are you supposed to do about stopping to eat while on the road? Pack your meals and choose a rest stop where Fido also can get out and stretch his legs. Or pick a restaurant that has outdoor seating and makes provision for pets. It requires a little more planning, but for the wellbeing of your precious companion, it’s worth the effort!

Tip #4: Consider Bringing a Crate

Your pup may not use a crate at home or when you’re traveling short distances, but packing a crate when going on a long road trip can be a wise idea. Depending on how your dog travels, it might be more helpful and safe to keep them in the crate while you’re on the road. And depending on your dog’s behavior, once you’ve reached your destination, they may do better sleeping in a crate at night. A new environment could bring out your pet’s mischievous behavior like chewing, barking, and generally making a mess. That’s where a crate comes into the picture: it’s a familiar place—along with blankets and a toy—where your dog feels safe and can rest at ease.

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