It is far better to prevent illnesses and diseases or to catch them in their early stages, rather than treating them after they have progressed. Preventative health care, such as an annual visit, will help your pet live the life you want for them and keep them from needless suffering. East Valley Animal Hospital, located in Gilbert, Arizona is dedicated to giving the best pet care near you to ensure the safety and health of your beloved pet. We will explain the preventative measures you can take and the importance of an annual wellness exam.

Annual Physical Exam

An annual exam for your pet is a great thing you can do for your pet. It not only helps them live longer, healthier lives, it also prevents you from having significant financial burdens with expensive health care for your pet. By providing your pet with at least an annual exam with East Valley Animal Hospital, it can help ensure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations, parasite control, dental health, nutrition, exercise and other areas of physical health. By allowing a trained expert to examine your pet, it will ensure they are able to catch any issues that may have come up over the past year. Certain things to be mindful of that your veterinarian will check includes:

  • Stomach issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, gas, or abnormal stools
  • Breathing concerns such as coughing, sneezing, or shortness of breath.
  • Eye irritations, itchiness, redness.
  • Behavioral shifts, changes in temperament.
  • Dental health involving mouth odors, pains, or other signs of abnormality
  • Feet and legs that have weakness or limping
  • Coat and skin having hair loss, lumps, itching, shedding, mats, or pigment changes.

If you, as a diligent owner, notice any of the above symptoms, it is best to not wait for an annual check up. Get your pet examined if you have concerns about abnormal behaviors or appearance changes. Also, if you have an older pet, you may want to do more frequent exams to ensure their health as they age.

It is our job as pet owners to do our due diligence with our beloved animals. As they cannot tell us when something is wrong or when they are not feeling ok, we should pay attention to what is not normal for their regular routine. By paying attention to the little nuances that don’t quite make sense for them, and getting them regular exams with their knowledgeable veterinarian, you will help to ensure happy days with your beloved pet. Contact East Valley Animal Hospital today and schedule a wellness exam for your pet!


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