Pet Insurance is becoming a household necessity for many families. Recent data has shown that the number of people getting insurance for their pets continues to rise. With nearly 30% of pets in the U.S. insured, would pet insurance be worth it for you? Let’s take a look. 

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? 

Pet insurance is very similar to health insurance for humans. The goal of pet insurance is to help you pay for any emergency veterinary bills that may come your way. Pet insurance can cover veterinary expenses like x-rays, surgeries, cancer treatments, diabetes medications, and more. 

General Coverage May Include

  • Emergency visits for sudden illnesses or injuries
  • Surgeries for things like tumors or impactions
  • Broken Bones
  • Cancer treatments
  • Diabetes treatments

How Pet Insurance Typically Works

Just like health insurance, most plans require you to pay monthly premiums to the insurance company. If you need to use the insurance, you must submit a claim. The insurance provider will then review the claim, check that it is something covered by your policy, and then pay out (or not) accordingly.

Choosing a Pet Insurance Plan 

Policy coverage is different for every provider and every plan. Some plans only cover emergencies and illnesses. One policy might not cover senior pets, and another might increase the monthly premium as your pet’s age. Others will cover everything from routine visits to medications. Reading through the policy thoroughly is a must in getting the coverage you are looking for.

Rising Costs of Veterinary Care Might Impact Your Decision

Owning a pet can be expensive. Pet owners typically spend about $225 per dog and $160 per cat each year on routine vet visits alone. These visits often include yearly checkups, vaccinations and boosters, and dental care. Then there’s routine preventative care for heartworms, fleas, etc., which can cost around $185 for dogs and $140 for cats.

Emergency care, medications, and treatment for chronic illnesses are not considered routine care, and the costs often add up very quickly. Something as small as a spider bite can have you running to the emergency vet. Emergencies can wind up costing you between $100 and $5,000, depending on what type of care is needed. Care for long-term illnesses (cancer, for example) could cost even more over the full course of treatment. 

Questions to Ask When Considering Pet Insurance

  • Is my pet at risk for illnesses? 

Some breeds of dogs have a higher risk of cancer or certain illnesses and diseases. Obesity in both cats and dogs put them at a higher risk of illnesses (like diabetes) as well. 

  • Is my pet a risk-taker?

Outdoor cats and dogs who like to hop fences or take on raccoons have a higher risk of accidents and emergency visits. Animals who get onto counters or get into the trash are at risk for poisoning and other food-related emergencies.  

Best Vet Care in Gilbert, Arizona

Now that you have a better understanding of pet insurance and what you can use it for, you can decide if it is right for your fur family. But no matter which direction you choose to go, it is important that you have a vet you trust. 

Insured or not, at East Valley Animal Hospital we are here for you and your pets in any emergency and any illness. Our team of skilled and loving vets and techs want to make sure your pet lives a long and healthy life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 


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