A pet hospital, like ours at East Valley Animal Hospital, see patients for many reasons…some of which could potentially be avoidable. One of the most avoidable visits has to do with food-related incidents. While it might seem that Fido’s begging is cute, and you want to reward him with the same food you’re eating, you have to be very careful. Food can affect our pets much differently than it does us.

While most of us have heard of what not to feed our dogs – things like chocolate, grapes, onions, and chicken bones, we wanted to provide you with a list of people foods that your four-legged friend can have. And there are many. Here is just a small sampling that our pet hospital recommends:

  • Green Beans (and other veggies). One of the best tricks for dogs that just can’t seem to get full is to add green beans to their dry food. The beans are full of great nutrients and provide the right amount of filler so dogs feel full. This is also a useful trick when dogs need to lose weight. By adding a snack comprised of turkey or chicken to green beans, you can keep your pet’s metabolism going throughout the day.
  • Sweet Potatoes. Dogs love sweet potatoes. They can be sliced and dried, cubed or mashed. It’s a sweet treat for our furry friends. Do not add anything to them.
  • Rice. Often turned to when our pets have an upset stomach, both brown and white rice can be used as a food filler or mixed with chicken.

It’s important to note that human food shouldn’t be the majority of your pet’s diet. Even healthy foods like carrots contain a lot of sugar. Recommended pet kibble provides key ingredients and nutrients that they need for strong bones, muscles, etc. And also, just like us, always watch for signs of allergies when introducing your dog to a new food. Signs may include diarrhea, vomiting, excessive itching, etc.

Contact us if you’d like to work with our experienced pet hospital team to develop a health plan that’s right for your dog. We believe pets should have variety with their food, but only if it’s good for their health.