pet emergency clinic

You never know when you will need a pet emergency clinic. At East Valley Animal Hospital, we believe it’s good to be prepared. If you find your pet in an emergency situation, our caring, pet emergency clinic team will work quickly to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

In Arizona, there are a variety of potential dangers for our four-legged friends. Obvious things to watch out for include snakes, scorpions, and overexposure to heat and sun. However there can also be unexpected situations such as a bowel obstruction or a foreign object in their stomach. Especially when it comes to dogs, you never know what they will try to eat.

If your pet is acting differently than normal and you don’t know why, you will want to watch them closely. Signs of distress can include shallow breathing and lethargy. Your pet may also stop eating and drinking. When in doubt, take your pet to our pet emergency clinic. By acting quickly, you’ll increase your pet’s chances for a speedy recovery.

To help avoid emergency situations, always be alert when walking outdoors, especially during summer months. Arizona’s high temperatures mean your pet should have access to water all day long. Keep them indoors during peak heat times. If it’s necessary for them to be outside, always make sure there is a lot of shade and, of course, lots of water. If the ground outside is too hot for you to walk on barefoot it is too hot for your pet to walk on too. Also, never, ever leave your pet in a hot vehicle.

Snake training is offered by a variety of pet specialties throughout the state. The best avoidance is to be alert and never let your pet run off into bushes or shrubbery that you can’t see beneath.

Finally, always know what your pet is chewing on or tearing apart. Pets should be closely supervised while chewing rawhide bones because they can become a choking hazard. An ounce of prevention can go a long way.

If you have questions on how to help keep your pet safe, give us a call. We’ll help you identify potential dangers and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our experienced team is here, should you need a pet emergency clinic.