Have you ever lived in a house with one bathroom and multiple people who use it? Either everyone needs to shower at the same time, or when you really have to go, it is already occupied. Your choices are to hold it, or pee on your favorite carpet. 

Now picture that same scenario, but you’re a cat who does not care about the carpet. Nobody wants to have to clean up cat urine or bowel movements that didn’t make it into the litter box, any more than your cat wants to be forced to do their business elsewhere. That is why it is important to have the right number of litter boxes for your cat or cats. 


How Many Litter Boxes Per Cat Is Best?

The general rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one. While this might seem like too many litter boxes, it gives your cat a choice other than your favorite sofa or rug. From setting up for a new kitten, to helping your senior cat take it easy, this ratio can help you keep your cats happy and healthy.  


A Litter Box Might Not Meet Cat Standards

If you have cats, you know that they like things just so. Even if you clean the litter box every day, it is still not often enough for some cats. While there are some self-cleaning litter boxes, having an extra box around can save you some money as well as some cleanups. 

If the litter box ever gets blocked accidentally or is unusable for any other reason, having an extra one can be helpful. If you have multiple levels and a very young or old cat, one litter box on each level of the house can help your cat avoid accidents.


Can Two Cats Share a Litter Box?

Territorial cats are the biggest reason to have a minimum of one box per cat in a multi-cat household. Cats who are territorial tend to mark inside or all around the outside of a litter box, creating a bad smell and lots of cleanup for you. 

Territorial cats might also guard their boxes. This can cause stress for the other cats if they fear they will be attacked or chased away every time they have to go to the bathroom. This is also a good reason to keep two boxes on opposite sides of the house from each other, as it will be harder for one cat to guard both. 


Accidents Can Also Indicate Something Is Wrong

A cat that is litter box trained but still using your favorite rug instead might be feeling ill. If you’ve checked that all your boxes are accessible and up to snuff, consider bringing your cat to the vet. They might have a urinary tract infection or another medical problem.


Dedicated Cat Care in Gilbert Arizona

Whether you have one cat or a dozen, East Valley Animal Hospital is here for all your cat care needs. From yearly checkups to worries about their bathroom habits, our doctors and staff can help you find solutions for every problem. We can tell you exactly how many litter boxes per cat will keep your furry household happy. Contact us today to make an appointment.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/26/22).Photo by mistermon on Unsplash.