Taking care of our appearance and hygiene is a daily routine for us humans. The same should be the case for our four-legged friends. You may see Fido or Fluffy rolling around on the ground, licking their fur, and chewing their coat; these are all ways they groom themselves. But they still need a little help from their two-legged owners to look and feel their best. At East Valley Animal Hospital, we serve pets in the Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler area. We believe in giving your pets the same kind of loving care that you would give yourself, so they live long, healthy lives. So, what are some important aspects of grooming and general pet care? Let’s take a look.

Why is Regular Grooming and Pet Care Necessary?

Grooming and general care for your pet aren’t just about maintaining a level of cleanliness and a good appearance. They’re also about maintaining your pet’s physical health. How so, you ask? When you brush your canine or feline’s fur, it helps remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. In addition, it brings out the natural oils in their fur, leaving their coat with a shiny, healthy sheen. These oils aid in preventing the tangles and matting that can lead to pain and infection.

Proper Pet Grooming Techniques for Dogs and Cats

To keep your pet’s appearance looking great and help them stay healthy, follow these grooming tips:

  • Bathing. The ASPCA recommends bathing your dog once every three months. That number may increase, depending on how much time your pet spends outdoors. On the other hand, cats rarely need bathing. They are fastidious cleaners and keep themselves immaculately clean. However, if your kitty is extremely dirty, then it may be a good idea to gently bathe him or her.
  • Brushing. Brush your pet several times a week to avoid tangles and matted fur, and if you own a cat, to minimize those pesky hairballs. Doing so also stimulates blood circulation, which improves the overall condition of the skin.
  • Dental Care. Even pets get plaque and tartar buildup! Brushing your cat or dog’s teeth two to three times a week can be helpful in reducing this buildup—in addition to freshening their breath. And get a dental exam done at East Valley Animal Hospital in the month of July and receive 20% off, excluding extractions.
  • Nail Care. Depending on whether your pet relaxes indoors or has the full reign of the outdoors will dictate how often they need to have their nails trimmed. Indoor animals may need nail trimmings to avoid pain and infection that can occur when the nails begin to grow into their pads.
  • Eye & Ear Care. The eyes should always be shiny, clear, and moist looking. If there is redness, irritation, or cloudiness, let your veterinarian know. Ears should also be checked once a week. Flip the ears, take a look, and even sniff them. If they are red, swollen, have debris in them, or have an odor, contact us at East Valley Animal Hospital to avoid infection and disease.

We know your pets are a precious part of the family. And while it can be time-consuming, East Valley Animal Hospital has seen the benefits of a regular grooming routine for pets. Everyday general pet care and grooming have been shown to prevent disease, infection, and pain. Contact us today to learn more about a specific health routine that fits your pet’s needs.


Photo by Thom Bradley from Burst (7/7/2018)