Viruses can be frustrating for humans when we are stuck in bed for days. They can be just as hard for your beloved pet, if not worse. Vaccinations can help to keep your pet safe from the germs and illnesses that they may come across. We know there can be many different types of vaccines, and it can be overwhelming to know which is best for your pet. The approach is to meet with your local veterinarian to help schedule the recommended shots for your pet. East Valley Animal Hospital, located in Gilbert Arizona, is informed, capable and has years of experience providing the best pet care near you to ensure the healthiest life for your pet.

What are Vaccines?

The best type of care is informed care. It is important for you to be able to understand which vaccines are given to your pet and why. Vaccines work to prepare your pet’s immune system to fight off any germs or illnesses that may cause diseases to grow. The vaccinations for your pet  contain weakened or dead microbes from the virus being targeted. Your pet’s immune system believes it is under attack and releases special cells to fight the “infection.” These cells quickly  overcome the dead or weakened microbes, and the immune system saves the information about them to enable itself to quickly recognize and defeat these invaders in the future.  Vaccinations reduces the risk of your pet contracting a disease or illness; if they do contract it, recovery time should be significantly shorter.

Types of Vaccinations

There are two main categories of vaccines for your pet. These are:

  • Core Pet Vaccines: These are highly recommended for every pet to ensure their best health. They help pets avoid the most common illnesses.
  • Non-core Pet Vaccines: These vaccines are given to pets based on their lifestyle: whether they are indoor animals, outdoor animals, or if they are boarded often. Knowing these things will help us decide which other vaccines your pet should definitely have.

To understand which vaccinations are best for the needs of your pet specifically, contact us today to learn more. We are able to help recommend the best healthcare and vaccinations for your pet to keep them healthy and happy as long as possible.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/7/2017) Allison Groves (Flickr)