Dental disease affects 87 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats over the age of three. Because our companion animals are very good at hiding their pain, dental disease can often go undetected and undiagnosed for years. Not only do our pets suffer in silence, but the end result may require tooth extractions, further impairing their oral health. Since February is National Pet Dental Health Month, we want to discuss the importance of maintaining dog and cat dental health. 

At-Home Oral Hygiene

Your pet’s oral health is no less important than your own. And you brush your teeth every day! One of the best ways to keep dental disease at bay is to brush your pet’s teeth daily. Like any habit, training your dog or cat to tolerate having their teeth brushed will take time and is best started when pets are young, but it can be accomplished! 

Not only do our pets use their teeth for eating, they also use them for chewing and play. In addition to daily tooth brushing, offering pets safe and healthy chew toys will go a long way in keeping their chompers strong and healthy. 

Dental Cleanings

Annual oral exams and cleanings are essential to keeping your furry family member happy, healthy and pain-free. Teeth often look good on the surface but have issues below the gumline that can only be detected through dental radiographs. For this reason, proper and effective cleanings always require anesthesia. When we perform a dental cleaning, we’ll take radiographs in order to better evaluate what’s going on underneath the surface of the teeth. 

We Specialize in Pet Dental Care

Dog and cat dental care is not only a part of our practice, we specialize in it. Dr. Mafara has worked closely with his mentors at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists to ensure our team at East Valley Animal Hospital is providing the most innovative and safe services and methods available in pet dental care. 

Whenever your canine or feline visits us we’ll take a quick look at their oral cavity for any signs of disease. However, a full annual oral checkup and cleaning is the best way to ensure your pet’s dental health. To schedule a dental cleaning, call us today: (480) 568-2462.


Photo by Benjamin Ilchmann on Unsplash (2/17/2020)