An important area of your pet’s overall health is your pet’s dental health. The earlier you can catch any concerns in their oral health, the better. Preventative medicine is key to the longevity of your pet’s life and that includes ensuring their teeth are well taken care of. Along with general health care, East Valley Animal Hospital knows the importance of dental care for your pet. We serve Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler and provide excellent veterinarian services to keep your pet fun, loving, and with you as long as possible.

Pet Dentistry

Not only does the physical and emotional health of your pet impact their lives, so does their oral health. Dentistry for your pet is an important aspect of your pet’s overall health and an essential part of their preventative care plans. The services that are a part of dentistry for pets includes:

  • Cleaning and Fillings
  • Extraction of Teeth
  • Repair/adjustment of Broken Teeth

Regular oral exams for your pet are beneficial to their overall wellness. Some areas that will be examined include your pet’s jaw and the roots of their teeth, which are located below the gumline. Most oral diseases are found below the gumline, so it is important to check that area regularly with radiographs. When visiting your vet for dental needs, the initial oral exam will help determine if there are obvious dental concerns.

Signs of Dental Disease

Annual check ups for your pet’s oral care is ideal to preventing disease from progressing. Dental issues with your pet can actually be signs of other health issues attacking their body. Some signs to pay attention to that could be caused by other health concerns include:

  • Abnormal chewing, drooling
  • Bad breath
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Pain, bleeding, or swelling in or around the mouth

Dental issues or overall health problems can result in a change in your pet’s behavior through more irritability, sleepiness, lethargy, or snapping. These behavior changes are important to pay attention to as it may be a sign that there is something wrong. Our pets cannot tell us when they are feeling unwell or when something is off, so it is our job as the owner to diligently recognize changes in their eating, sleeping, or behavioral habits. This can signify dental issues or overall health issues. It is important for your pet that you stay on top of their oral care to ensure they are well taken care of for their general wellness and we here at East Valley Animal Hospital want to help provide the best care possible!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (9/25/2017) Matt Deavenport (Flickr)