W-A-L-K…if you have a dog, you know why we spelled it out. Your dog LOVES them. So much so that even saying the word can send most canine households into chaos. It’s easy to see why. They get to go on an adventure with their favorite human AND it makes them live longer. So grab their harness and hook up your leash because that’s a win-win in our book. 

Five Benefits of Walking Your Dog 

1: Walking reduces the risk of obesity in dogs. 

Obesity is one of the main reasons for health problems in dogs. Dogs who are overweight are more susceptible to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and so much more. Walking your dog, even for a short time every day, will reduce their chances of gaining too much weight. 

2: It keeps a dog’s joints and muscles strong.

Chronic pain can keep dogs from enjoying life, but regular walks help keep muscles strong, putting less pressure on aging joints. For pets who already have arthritis, short frequent walks can help reduce their pain and give them some exercise without overwhelming their joints.

3: It can help curb unwanted behaviors.

Along with exercise, dogs also need the mental stimulation a walk provides. The assortment of new smells, interesting houses, and different people helps keep dogs from becoming bored and destructive at home. Excessive barking, chewing on shoes, and other naughty behaviors stem from boredom and pent-up energy. Taking a walk every day gives your dog something to look forward to, and tires them out for a nice long nap. 

4: Walking helps keep depression at bay.

Yes, even dogs can suffer from depression. This happens mostly during big life changes like moving houses, changing owners, losing another pet, or losing a close human. Depression can make your dog not want to join in any activities or eat. But inactivity and poor nutrition can be devastating to their body. So if your dog has suffered a loss or gone through a huge life change, take them out for walks more often to help keep their spirits up.

5: Walking a dog is good exercise for humans, too! 

Taking walks not only helps your dog, but you too. Along with your dog, you can enjoy similar benefits by walking every day with your dog. While you walk your dog you are also reducing your risk of obesity, future joint pain, and depression. New studies have also found a link between walking and a reduction in breast cancer and more efficient immune responses when ill! A happy human means a happy dog.

Veterinary Care That Doesn’t Slouch

Whether you have a new dog or you are trying to make some healthy changes this new year, props to you for taking your dog’s health in hand! Just like walks, your pet’s veterinary care matters. A good veterinarian is there for you throughout your pet’s entire life. From routine care to emergencies or illnesses, having a veterinarian you can trust is a must. 

At East Valley Animal Hospital our staff is made up of animal lovers, and we treat every pet like a part of our family. No matter what your pet needs—a check-up, vaccinations, surgery, or end-of-life care—we are here for them and you. Contact us today to make an appointment.





Images used under creative commons licence – commercial use (1/21/24). Photo by Stephen Goldberg on Unsplash.