At East Valley Animal Hospital, we have a special place in our hearts for adopted animals. In fact, many on our team have adopted because animal homelessness is such a pandemic issue. Here’s just one statistic: would you believe that 9 out of 10 dogs that are born will never find a permanent home? If you’re considering adoption, there are so many pets out there in need of loving homes. We’d like to nudge you in that direction by sharing a few reasons pet adoption is a great choice. 

You’ll Save Multiple Lives

According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year. Why? With 6.5 million companion animals entering animal shelters nationwide every year, there simply isn’t enough room or resources to house all of the homeless pets. When you adopt, you not only save the life of the animal you take home, but you also open up space in the shelter for a new animal to find a chance at a better life. 

It’ll Cost You Less

When you consider that 46% of dogs and 9% of cats are obtained from breeders or private parties and that one of these cuties will cost anywhere from $300-$1,500, we’re talking about a lot of money that people are spending just to purchase their pets. Then you have to tack on the cost of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, microchips and other initial health visits. On the other hand, when you adopt, you’ll pay a minimum fee for a pet who’s been spayed/neutered, has been microchipped and has their vaccinations up-to-date.   

What if you want a purebred? They, too, can be found at shelters. Ellen DeGeneres just rescued a purebred poodle puppy that had a rough start in life and now lives next to Oprah! 

You’ll Help Stop the Cruelty of Mass Breeding and Puppy Mills

Every year millions of animals are sold by commercial and backyard breeders in pet stores or through online ads. This immense level of breeding creates an overpopulation of pets that are living in surprisingly harsh conditions and may never find a home. And after puppy mill animals are no longer profitable, they are discarded or sold. 

Giving any pet a home is a wonderful thing. But purchasing from a person or place that sources their pets from puppy mills only supports them and increases the demand. Unfortunately, unless you do your research, it can be hard to tell if the animal you are acquiring is from a mill or not. Rescuing from a shelter means you can be certain you aren’t supporting cruel breeding practices. 

You’ll Feel Good About Yourself

This one may not seem as significant, but don’t discount the emotional benefits you’ll receive from rescuing an animal that has never known a loving home. Just watch one of the numerous videos out there—like this one—documenting foster and adopted pets experiencing security, love and happiness for the first time. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Pets require a lot of time and resources. Before adding a new furry companion to your household be sure you’re up for the commitment. If you aren’t, then you may end up adding to the problem instead of helping. When you do bring a pet into your home, you should always spay or neuter—both for health and reproductive reasons. If you’re looking to help with animal homelessness on a larger scale, consider donating to your local shelter or volunteering on the weekends. As your local vet in Gilbert, once you’ve adopted a fur baby, we’re here to offer the best veterinary care in your neighborhood! Call us today! 


Image by Fernando Latorre from Pixabay (9/18/2019)