Development in the science for pet care, technology and medications that help to cure ailments has been very beneficial for healthier, longer lives for your pets. Upon diagnosis by your knowledgeable veterinarian, treating pet ailments and issues can be easily done through the right prescriptions of medications. The right medicine can be life saving for your pet, so it is important to get the medication as prescribed. We know that life is busy with family, work, friends, and volunteer commitments, so it may be hard to pick up the medicine on time. East Valley Animal Hospital, located in Gilbert Arizona, provides excellent pet care near you and also wants to make it as convenient as possible. We know the value of medicine to help with the issues of your pet, and our online pharmacy can help when your life is busy.  

Benefits of Online

In a day and age when life is so fast paced, there are a million things to do and places to go, you don’t want to forget or have to go out of your way for your beloved pet prescriptions. We know that your pet is just as important to you and a part of your family so we want to help in any way we can. Our online pharmacy is one of those conveniences we can provide. The benefits include:

  • *Convenience: Our online pharmacy provides home delivery so it can get there as soon as possible, and it comes right to your door!
  • *Cost Efficient: By not having to run around, it saves on gas, and our prescriptions have free shipping on order of $49 and up.
  • *Stress Free: Instead of having to wait around at the veterinary office or going through another pharmacy, we save you anxiety. We call it in for you and you are able to sign to make it easy and stress free. Also, on top of not having to worry about picking up the prescription or waiting for it, you are able to sign up for reminders through the site so you don’t have to worry about missing a refill or an order.

In our technology age, it has been a huge benefit to time, money and stressful situations. It is one less thing you have to worry about when you are wanting to ensure your pet is healthy and happy.

Contact East Valley Animal Hospital today to learn more about our great pet care services, online pharmacy and any questions you have concerning your pet. We are here to help you and your beloved pet!

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