Goofy, regal, protective, or skittish, dogs are amazing friends to have. Whether you have owned dogs your whole life, or are just learning to love them, these ten fun facts will be sure to amaze. Test your knowledge and then show off your trivia skills next time you’re at the dog park.

Ten Interesting Dog Facts

1:  Dogs were first domesticated 30,000 years ago.

Archaeological evidence shows that dogs have been living alongside humans for at least 30,000 years. This mutually beneficial relationship of trading protection for food goes back in time for eons, and proves that dogs have always been our best friends. 

2: Dogs have vivid dreams.

Just like humans, when dogs reach REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep they can start dreaming. So if it looks like your dog is running in their sleep, perhaps they are chasing rabbits in their dreams. Remember to always let sleeping dogs lie, or at least give them some space. Being surprised out of REM sleep can be disorienting, and some dogs might lash out in fear. 

3: They sweat through their paws.

Dogs don’t sweat through their skin—instead they have glands on the bottoms of their paws that release moisture to keep their bodies cool. This is one of the reasons that walking your dog on a hot day can have serious repercussions, as burns from too-hot sidewalks and dry grasses can cause damage to these glands making it harder for your dog to cool down. 

4: Dogs have 295 million more scent receptors than humans.

Just think about how smelly the world is with all those scent receptors! Because their noses are so powerful, dogs’ noses have been put to work in a variety of ways that help humans. For example, some dogs are trained to sniff out sewage leaks that would take months or even years to find without their keen sense of smell. 

5: Your dog has supersonic hearing. 

A dog’s range of hearing goes well above and far below the average range for humans. They can hear a car rumble from a mile away, hear a neighbor coughing several doors down, and even detect earthquakes. It also explains why the vacuum is typically public enemy number 1, and why they move to the other side of the house when your toddler gets too loud.

6: They can see in the dark.

Dogs can see in the dark much better than humans. Along with their supersonic hearing, it makes them excellent guards. They can make out movement in the darkness that we cannot, a trait that humans have found useful since prehistory. 

7: With 400 recognized breeds across the globe, dogs are the most varied species in the world. 

That number does not even include the mixes, mutts, and new breeds that people are trying to get recognized by standardizing agencies. Dogs truly come in every shape and size!

8: Their noses are as unique as a fingerprint.

While recent data studies have been small, it is thought that a dog’s nose print could be used as a means of identification. New programs are being created in the hope that nose prints can be used to identify lost animals and get them back home. However, there’s a downside: if your furry friend wants to start a life of crime, tell them to cover their nose. 

9: Petting and talking to dogs lowers your blood pressure.

It’s true! Petting your dog and talking to them like the sweet little snuggle-pie they are can actually help your physical health, especially your heart. Now, we are only veterinarians, but perhaps a prescription of snuggles three times a day is in order. 

10: Dogs are about as smart as a 2 year-old human. 

Two-year-olds use an average of 200 words, and can understand around 1,000. Dogs have about the same vocabulary level. Depending on the breed and other factors, dogs can understand about the same amount of words as a toddler. Some people even go so far as to train their dogs to ‘speak’ using buttons. 

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