Using vets near me as your online search to find pet care? If so, call us today at East Valley Animal Hospital. We’ll answer your questions and introduce you to our team. When it comes to caring for your pets, it’s our top priority. No matter if your pet is canine or feline.

If you’ve never had a cat as a pet, you may think they are like the stereotypical cats you see in the movies or in cartoons. But as any cat lover will tell you, cats have so much personality and that makes being a cat parent fun. Here’s our pick of some of the top reasons why we and other vets near me think cats are great.

  1. Cats are extremely loyal. While they may appear aloof to those who aren’t cat connoisseurs, they are really far from it. Often cats will pick their favorite person in the house and provide all the kneading, purring and cuddling anyone could want.
  2. Forget the Ninja movies. Cats show their owners the real-life version of Ninja moves daily, pretty much on the fly. They may be just walking down the hallways and out flies a Ninja move.
  3. Like dogs, some cats can also fetch. With a little patience and training, cats love to retrieve everything from a balled up piece of paper to a yarn ball.
  4. Cat’s eyes are truly the window to their world. Here’s where we see all of their emotion, love and excitement. And their eyes are stunning!
  5. They are the best security guards around. Cats hear everything and will alert you when they hear it.
  6. Cats are also great for pest control, too. They can help keep pesky critters away from your home.

Fun and playful. Loyal and loving. Cats are amazing animals that can teach us so much. And if you ask any cat owner, they will happily take the title of Crazy Cat Lady (or Man) for the love they get in return.

So if you’re wondering if vets near me can help you find the right veterinary fit for your feline health care needs, contact us today. We know you’ll find our team of professionals will treat your pet like family.