It’s that wonderful time of year for gathering with family and friends and enjoying the holidays together… and “together” includes our beloved pets, of course! Are you stuck on a gift to make your family pet feel included in the fun? East Valley Animal Hospital, located in Gilbert Arizona, is the vet clinic near you that provides excellent health care for your pet, and also knows the importance of including them at the holidays. We have some great ideas for you!

Gifts For Your Beloved Pet

Pets are usually pretty easy to please. If you know what their favorite treat or toy is, those are great options. If you are looking for something new, however, check out some of our animal gifting ideas!

*Original Doggie Fountain: This is an excellent way for dogs who are outside to continually stay hydrated. Your dog steps on a pad that triggers the water to be spurted out so they can drink. It’s not only practical and hydrating, but quite entertaining as well!
*PetChatz: When you are away, do you wonder what your pet is doing, or do you just miss them and what to chat with them? Now you can! This technology allows you to speak to them through a video call, and even allows you to release a treat or your scent. Your pet can even call you!
*Dog Treat Launcher: This is entertaining, good exercise and a great reward for your pet! Fill it up with your pets favorite treats, and launch away. They will be thoroughly entertained while you sit back and relax. It is a win win.
*Supercat Catnip Cave: Sometimes the simplest things are the best gifts. Cats love paper bags, so what about one that is sturdy and infused with catnip? This is for any cat to have their own little hideaway.
*Yoga Mat for a Cat: While you are bending, twisting and increasing your flexibility, this is a great way for your cat to join you! Your cat will be scratching and playing with their own yoga mat that has an attached ball infused with catnip.
*Personalized Pet Pillow: Give your pet the gift of themselves…but cushy! A personalized pillow is a fun way to love on your pet and give them a friend when they are resting.
*Gumby Dog Toy: Giving the gift of gumby is always fun! It is a soft, plush toy that squeaks and one that any canine will love.

There are many options for gifts you can give to your pets this holiday to show them you love them. They are a loyal part of your family, so it is fun to pick them up a little something. Contact East Valley Animal Hospital today for all your pet care needs!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/06/2017) frankieleon (Flickr)