During the holidays it is normal for the activity in your home to increase. During the hustle and bustle, you may not be able to pay your pet the attention you want to. When your animals are left unsupervised, it can cause them to get into trouble. To avoid a trip to the pet hospital, know what to look out for and be ready to remove any potential holiday hazards.

A common reason pets visit the pet hospital is from ingesting foods and other items that they should not have. During the holiday season you are baking sweets and special treats for your loved ones. Animals should not have access to these chocolates, candies, and other non-pet food items. Generally, a tiny amount is not going to hurt them. However, if you leave out a plate of cookies and your dog decides to help himself, chances are you are going to be making a road trip to see the vet at your local pet hospital. Make sure you keep these special snacks up high where they cannot be reached.

Another reoccurring issue during the holidays is pets running away. They may be afraid of all the new faces. The noise and constant excitement in your home can make any pet a little nervous. When they have no where to turn, there is a likelihood that your animal will take off to try and get away from the situation. Keep your pet happy and comfortable by making sure they have a quiet place to relax. If your animal is known to run, put them in a bedroom or in their own special crate before guests arrive. You may feel guilty about keeping them locked up, but they would much rather be in a safe and quiet environment than running the streets that they are not familiar with.

As the busy season approaches, be aware of what can cause your pet harm, and take the steps necessary to avoid the unwanted trip to the pet hospital.

At East Valley Animal Hospital, we want you–and your pets–to have a happy and safe holiday season!